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Getting a better(higher)view of things!

Who can forget the mind-blowing bike chasing scene that Skyfall opened with?!? It was shot over the Grand Bazar, Istanbul using a flying cam. This created a buzz in Hollywood and gave way to more aerial cinematography shots being used in films. War films, thrillers and action movies were the initial ones to make use of iconic aerial shots. Today, shots from the air have started making their way to dramas, rom-coms and more. This is mostly because of the beauty of a unique perspective like a story unfolding.

In the past, helicopters and huge cranes were used to get an aerial view of things! But with the development of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles that are equipped with high-quality cameras or have the capacity to carry film cameras, aerial views are more accessible for filmmakers. Establishment shots, landscape shots, chases, etc can now be presented with considerable ease.

Though accessibility has increased the talent and expertise required for a perfectly orchestrated aerial shot calls for someone with a cinematic frame sense and good control of the device.

Motioncore studios offer one of the best aerial cinematography services in Kerala. We have rendered drone videography, drone photography services in several films from the Malayalam industry. Our team can give iconic aerial shots to unfold, build and visualize a story with all the cinematic elements as required by the director.

For drone cinematography, contact us on: 8075643637


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